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Cardiac Services and UV Smart have formed a partnership to bring you the next generation of portable UVC light disinfection technology into your hospital.

The D25 has the capability of disinfecting medical instruments and equipment such as mobile phone, tablets, stethoscopes etc in 25 seconds without the use of chemicals or liquids, while the D60 will provide a high level disinfection of your ultrasound transducers and endoscopes within 15 minutes.

Visit STAND 29 for a demonstration and see how UVC disinfection can create a safer environment for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

How many organisations/clients currently utilise the service/solution across the UK?
Our UVC disinfection products are brand new into the market. The D25 can be used to disinfect medical instruments and equipment in 25 seconds and the D60 is used for endoscopes and ultrasound transducers and probes. Both devices use high-energy UVC light which has been proven to be effective and safe.

Is there anything you would like to make delegates aware of ahead of the Healthcare Facilities Management Conference on 12th October?
During the event we will be conducting live product demonstrations on the stand (29) and there is the opportunity to discuss with one of our team about how UVC light can reduce HAI’s in your hospital.

What do you feel are the key points delegates need to digest when considering a partnership with your organisation?
Cardiac Services have been established for over 50 years supplying and supporting diagnostic measurement equipment in the UK and Ireland including defibrillators, cardiographs and wireless fetal monitoring equipment.

Our partnership with UV Smart brings you the latest technology in portable UVC light disinfection technology with the following features and benefits:

• Kills 99.999% of all pathogens including Coronavirus
• Class IIa CE marking and supported by clinical research
• Achieves at least log 4 reduction in microorganism counts in 25 seconds
• Uses ImpeluxTM lamp technology
• No chemicals or liquids
• Only electrical socket is required – just plug it in
• Easily transported with optional trolley
• Can be used for personal objects and medical equipment e.g. infusion pumps, thermometers, surveillance equipment, stethoscopes and phones, tablets etc

UV-C is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength in the part of the ultraviolet spectrum spanning the 200–280-nm range, reaching peak effectiveness at a wavelength of 254 nm. This short wavelength causes DNA and RNA to break, thereby inactivating microorganisms and rendering them harmless, unable to reproduce. Thanks to this germicidal property UV-C is an effective method for rapid disinfection.

Do you want to add any other key points?
To book a free product demonstration in your hospital department, just speak to one of our team and arrange a time and date that suits you.

Contact Information:
Address: Europa House, Adlington, Macclesfield, SK10 4NL
Tel: 01625 878 999

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