Wood and resilient floor experts, Bona, present a new concept in floor hygiene. By preventing dirt and micro-organisms accumulating in the fine scratches and joints of LVT and other hard flooring, daily cleaning becomes easier and more efficient. Deep cleaning and re-coating the floor using non-hazardous products from Bona’s Commercial System creates a homogenous barrier against this type of contamination. Testing by the German IFR Institute verified that overcoating floors with Bona Pure met the requirements of the TRBA 250 regulations. Bona supplies a range of floor cleaning and maintenance treatments and has trained a network of specialist recoating contractors.

How many organisations/clients currently utilise the service/solution across the UK?
In the United States, Bona’s Facility Solutions team has been working with global customers, like Diversey, to bring flooring solutions to facility managers for 20 years. Our newest innovations in re-coating and maintaining resilient flooring offers facility teams and building service contractor companies, such as ABM, a new way to renovate and care for resilient flooring in a wide array of buildings that are hygiene sensitive or have floors in dire need of replacement. The fully proven system is now being rolled out in Europe and providing sustainable solutions in schools, clinics and leisure facilities, where minimal downtime and a chance to renovate at half the cost of replacement with a new resilient surface are added benefits to a surface that is easy to keep clean.

Is there anything you would like to make delegates aware of ahead of the Healthcare Facilities Management Conference?

Bona is a Swedish, family owned company with a 100 year heritage in treatments for wood floors in homes and public buildings. Today it’s a global operation, and the expertise developed over decades of producing wood floor treatments has contributed to the creation of a top-quality programme of treatments for the maintenance and renovation of resilient surfaces. The system doesn’t just clean and maintain rubber, vinyl and PVC surfaces; the floors can also be totally revitalised – using new colours and graphics if required under a clear protective top coat. And usually at around half the cost of a new floor.

Bona’s responsibility to the environment is embodied in everything the company does. It sources its own raw materials, to ensure the chemical composition of its products meets the strictest standards. The Bona System is a safe and effective way to renovate – rather than replace – materials in any building. Bona’s R&D teams are constantly studying new ways of developing materials and products that are effective and sustainable. And Bona’s facilities continue to evolve, with the goal of producing zero waste.

What do you feel are the key points delegates need to digest when considering a partnership with your organisation?

For hygiene sensitive areas, the Bona concept is to periodically deep clean and seal the floor’s surface, ideally from the time it’s installed, to produce a smooth, homogenous surface which can be easily and efficiently cleaned during its lifetime. The sealing treatment fills any fine cracks and scratches, as well as the joints between LVT panels – to eliminate the possibility of dirt and micro-organisms building up on the surface and making daily cleaning easier and more efficient.

Using safe, non-hazardous products from Bona’s Commercial System, the deep cleaning and recoating process also enables you to maintain the beauty of the floor and prolong its life – with minimal downtime during treatments. Recoating involves superficial sanding with a Bona FlexiSand machine using Bona Diamond Abrasives for a perfectly smooth surface. This is followed by an application of Bona Pure, a hard wearing, non-yellowing, clear PUR coating specially formulated for the treatment of resilient floor coverings. Floors treated with Bona Pure also meet the DIN 51130 (R9) standard for slip resistance.

Bona has trained a nationwide network of specialist contractors, who are ready to undertake the re-coating work. Alternatively the company is happy to provide training to in-house facility teams.

Do you want to add any other key points?

Bona commissioned a study of its recoating system on LVT flooring – the type typically used in hygiene sensitive areas such as hospitals and children’s nurseries. The test, carried out in conjunction with the IFR Institute in Germany, was to verify that a smooth, joint-free LVT surface can be created by overcoating with Bona Pure, achieving a surface that met the standards required by the internationally recognised TRBA 250 (Technical Rules for Biological Agents in Healthcare and Welfare Facilities).

The test involved coating one half of a new LVT wood effect plank floor with Bona Pure, while the other was left untreated. A solution containing flourescent pigments was then applied daily across the whole floor and cleaned using the Bona PowerScrubber and Bona Deep Clean Solution. Daily contamination with the pigments, followed by cleaning, was carried out over a period of 8 weeks. At the end of the test period, UV lights were used to expose the levels of contamination on each part of the floor.

The part of the floor not treated with Bona Pure showed high levels of contamination. The part treated with Bona Pure showed hardly any. The LVT planks were then removed to examine for signs of contamination below the surface. On the untreated area, a high level of contamination was found below the planks due to penetration through the joints – and almost none on the part treated with Bona Pure.

By applying a coat of Bona Pure on an LVT floor, Bona therefore meets the criteria defined in the TRBA 250 regulations. Its sealing power creates a barrier against residual germs and micro-organisms, making it easier to keep the floor scrupulously clean.

Contact Information:
Address: 6 Thornton Chase, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, MK14 6FD
Tel: 01908 525 150

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