David Stevens

David Stevens

Time: 12:15PM – 12:35PM

Topic: Laundry is Back on the Agenda

There are a few inquisitive aspects of cleaning that beg for questions such as How clean is clean? What does ‘hygienically clean’ mean? How do you know the bugs are dead? How do laundries manage infection control?  Can all laundries process healthcare items?  

Members of the Textile Services Association (TSA) process over 90% of the NHS linens in acute care to some of the highest laundering standards. During the COVID -19 epidemic so many other users such as care homes and nursing homes are now also reviewing how their laundry is processed, to what standards and how enormous is the carbon footprint when it comes to disposable solutions.  New products have also entered the market in their millions particularly Isolation gowns which have been key in the fight to protect health care workers, these can also be reusable but to what standard and how should they be processed. David Stevens, CEO of the TSA will address these questions and more.

Speaker Details
  • Chief Executive of the Textile Services Association