Conference Programme

  • 08:00AM - 09:00AM
    Registration, Coffee & Networking.
  • 09:00AM - 09:10AM
    Chairs Opening Comments
  • 09:10AM – 09:30PM
    A Zero Net NHS - The National Perspective
  • 09:50AM - 10:10AM
    2021 National Food Review
  • 10:10AM - 10:30AM
    Response to the Food Review
  • 10:30AM - 10:40AM
    Question and Answer Session
  • 10:40AM - 11:10AM
    Morning Coffee & Networking.
  • 11:15AM - 11:35AM
    National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021
  • 11:55AM - 12:15PM
    Wellness for Less…?

    A discussion by Trend Controls around the benefits of Wellness Solutions and if these solutions come at a cost to energy, resource, and budgets.

    John Dorward, UK/I Senior Design Partner – Healthcare Vertical

  • 12:15PM - 12:25PM
  • 12:25PM - 12:55PM
    Public Sector Workshop 1: Patient Transport: Creative and collaborative approaches to commissioning and provision
  • 12:25PM - 12:55PM
    Public Sector Workshop 2: The Importance of correctly segregating waste in the NHS
  • 12:55PM - 13:55PM
    Lunch, Networking and Poster Viewing
  • 13:55PM - 14:25PM
    Industry Leaders Workshop 1: The Technology Is There - Why Aren't We Using It?

    Demonstrating how healthcare FM can emulate Uber, and others, in leveraging IoT (the Internet of Things) and deliver results in -
    1. Operational Flow: supporting and empowering frontline professionals in portering, cleaning, and other key FM-functions;
    2. Automation: technology-enabled task-management; and
    3. Tracking: leveraging RTLS (real-time location-services) to 'keep-tabs' on essential equipment, materials and people.

    Sean Boulton, Operational Services Manager, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
    Stephen Boyle, Solution Director, TeleTracking Technologies

  • 13:55PM - 14:25PM
    Industry Leaders Workshop 2: Switchable ‘Smart Glass’ In Hospital Hygiene-Management

    Utilization of switchable smart glass in EBD healthcare facilities promotes spaces that are more hygienic and easier to clean for reduced HAI rates while providing light filled privacy solutions that provide acoustic sound reduction for patient well -being and enhanced recovery. Join us to learn about smart glass technology, its use cases in various hospital spaces (patient rooms, operating galleries, offices, more), and ease of specification and implementation.

    Roger Cleave – Director: Tecdur
    Tecdur / Gauzy partnership

  • 14:25PM - 14:35PM
  • 14:35PM - 15:05PM
    Industry Leaders Workshop 3: The Future of Bed Reprocessing to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections

    Traditional methods of managing patient-bed-hygiene present huge time, logistical, employee-safety, infection-control and compliance challenges, for hospitals (manual-handling procedures in the bed-washing-process; dealing with potential contamination; patient-bed drying-time; overall co-ordination of bed-reprocessing, etc). This workshop will help signpost the pathway to OSKA’s 100/100 vision – 100% clean, 100% of the time - for hospital facilities teams, moving towards an automation-supported ‘total-bed-management’ approach, whilst promoting a gold standard for IPC, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

  • 14:35PM - 15:05PM
    Industry Leaders Workshop 4: What role can facilities-management professionals play to improve patient journey, experience and wellbeing?

    Understanding the patient journey and acting on their feedback is more important than ever. Find out how we can use data to give patients even better experiences.

    Militsa Pribetich-Gill - Head of Product – Patient Experience : Sodexo
    Marwyn O’Keeffe - Global Head of Client and Consumer Insight : Sodexo

  • 15:05PM - 15:35PM
    Afternoon Coffee, Poster Viewing and Networking
  • 15:35PM - 16:05PM
    Laundry is back on the agenda
  • 16:05PM - 16:25PM
    The Illusion Of Choice: Understand Patient Experience of Hospital Food

    A project to understand patient experience of food delivery and how the patient was ‘centred’ in food choice and their experience was developed in 2018, by social scientists, Dr Kathy Doherty, Dr Kerry McSeveny and packaging ergonomist Professor Alaster Yoxall of the Culture and Communication Research Institute. This followed on from work by Yoxall looking at patient experience of packaged food in the hospital environment which raised some complex questions about how food made patients feel, how patient choice was made, why patients did not get the food they were supposed to and how the ‘system’ connected together.

  • 16:25PM - 16:35PM
    Questions and Answers
  • 16:35PM
    Close of Conference
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